Our Philosophy

It’s not about Ideas. It’s about making Ideas Happen.

We aspire to showcase your vision cohesively with our design and execution to achieve a result of brilliant art that you can define as your personal space. A professionally designed interior space has the power to elevate your mood, make your guest comfortable, convey your personality and improve your brand experience.

Residential Design

Residential Design

Residential Design evolves around doing spaces for Client as per their personal need, requirement while reflecting their personalities and give them a cozy place which they would love to call it their ‘Home’. We love working on residential project as we get to bring clients Dream Home to Reality. It’s an art of creating aesthetic and functional living spaces.

Spaces such as Residential Flats, Pent Houses, Bungalows, Farm Houses Studio Apartment.

Office Space

Private office. Corporate House. Retail Outlets

Commercial Design evolves around designing a space for a particular business, which would reflect a strong personality about their brand/business while making it functionally efficient. We aspire to win over the unique challenge of optimizing the available area within budgets.

Spaces such as Private Offices, Corporate Offices, Retail Outlets.

Hospitality Industry

Restaurants. Food Joints. Cafés. Hotels. Spas. Salons.

Hospitality industry thrives on service & ambience. We help bridge the gap by creating appealing interiors which render an upbeat yet sophisticated space for our clients. Designing spaces for the brand which will fulfil all their cliental needs and would want to come and visit the space again and again. Through one client we thrive to touch the inner soul of multiple clients.

Spaces such as Restaurants, Food Joints, Cafés, Hotels, Spas, Salons.


Our Process

See how it works

We believe in effective use of communication and team-work as the founding cornerstones of creating the perfect space & have exponentially evolved into a full service design firm, helping our clients to achieve their goals on a broad range of project typologies.

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

To start creating the project, we have to prepare in a certain ways. Usually we hold one or several meetings with the clients and find out their ideas and requirements to the future design. After thorough creative brainstorming about our client’s requirement we start with our design process.

The main criterion for a successful design is the ease & comfortability of using the solution provided. Although the client first pays attention to the aesthetics of the project, they can gauge how comfortable the solution is, only after its realization. Our task is to provide you with the best combination of a beautiful shell and the factuality, as a beautiful execution without coziness of using is pointless.

From concept initiation, through design development, detailing and guidance in manufacturing, we are in creating designs that elevate the experience of everyday life. Visual acceptance of the project is necessary for getting a complete appearance. To show the clients the variant we offer with all the details, we create a 3D model. It’s a volume variant of depicting the project in a real size, which shows the designer solution to the client in the best possible way.

The work upon the project does not end when the drawing package and visualization are approved by the customer. During the construction work we guide in all the key processes- from the quality of the operations, to execution of the designs & materials, finishing with placing final artifacts in their place. Every project, is deemed a success only if we find the solution that merges our expertise with our client’s vision to bring to life a project that is beautiful, functional, manufactural, progressive and economically viable.

Our parent company – M/S. Suresh Furniture has been setting the benchmark in the contracting field since 1984, our services include but are not limited to providing a one stop solution to your aesthetic wants within your ideal investment value.

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